How much is it going to cost?

We get asked that question the most!  It is understandable that people are concerned about the cost.  However, keep in mind that the cost is going to vary based on a lot of things (kind of like buying a house or a car).  Considerations:  How long have you been married?  Are children issues going to be hotly contested? How much property must be divided?  How much debt must be divided?  Is there a history of domestic violence?  Is there a history of drug or alcohol abuse?  Are there issues of infidelity? The list goes on and on.

Obviously, the simpler the issues, the less it will cost and vice versa.  Many inexperienced lawyers will charge a very low retainer fee.  We do not, but we are very experienced.  In our firm, the attorney charges one hourly fee and the paralegals charge a lower hourly fee (as in most firms).  Therefore, the overall hourly rate is an average of the two rates, thus saving you a lot of money in the long run.

Plan your divorce with the same care that you planned your wedding.  It is even more important than that was, as this will financially affect the rest of your life.

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