How much child support will I receive?  What about summer camp?  Who pays for that?

Before an attorney can answer that question, a lot of information is needed.  Such as, net incomes of both parties, alimony received/paid, costs of health insurance and who pays, cost of day care/after care and who pays, number of overnights the children spend with each parent, number of children you have and other factors that may be relevant in your particular case.  Basically, if both parties have similar income and the time sharing is close to 50/50 there is a likelihood that there will be no child support, at all and the parties will merely divide the costs of health insurance and day care/after care.

However, if one party has a lot more income than the other and the lower income parent has the children most of the time, then there is a likelihood of child support, which is based on a formula using child support guidelines.

Many times, parents realize it does not pay for one parent to work a minimum wage job while several children are attending around the clock care.  This is something that has to be looked at on a case to case basis.  All in all, the parents and the family courts must always work towards what is in the best interests of the children.

Regarding summer camp, usually the parents divide the costs of reasonable expenses on a proportionate to income basis.  Let’s face it – children are expensive!!  But we love our children, that is for sure. Let’s keep them out of the “drama” as much as possible.

Remember, love your children more than you hate your spouse!

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