“I have a hearing coming up and I think I will just handle it myself and then if things go wrong, I will hire an attorney.”

We hear that a lot.  Big mistake people. Once things have “gone wrong” you are going to pay more money for an attorney than if you just hired one in the first place AND there is no guarantee that anything can be fixed!

While we understand that attorneys cost a lot of money, you are paying for expertise.  While it may be okay to read a book and fix your own sink (good luck), you cannot possibly read a book (or a blog) and handle your own complex legal problems.  Simple problems…perhaps….complex ones….probably not.

So, think smart and remember that, even though legal fees can cost what a weekend at Disney costs (and you won’t have as much fun) being penny wise and dollar foolish is not advisable.

Also, don’t call an attorney and say “how much is it going to cost?”  That’s like going into an appliance store and saying “how much does a washer/dryer cost?”  There are many variables.  So, when you call a law firm, before you ask how much it will cost, please tell the lawyer a little bit about your case first….then you can ask that question!

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