At this time, our office staff will attend to all matters virtually, for at least the next two (2) weeks.

We will still be readily available via telephone (954) 776-2320. We are meeting our clients via FaceTime and other media sources.  There will be no disruption in business.

Judges are handling hearings telephonically and everything is going quite smoothly.

We will be doing video conferencing depositions and mediations, during this time.

Silver linings?  1) families are spending more time together and 2) due to the efficiency of the hearings by phone, the hours billed to clients are much less.

In closing, let’s all stay strong and diligent until we get through this!  Please continue to be caring towards your neighbors.  Please help any elderly people out there who might need an extra hand, as they cannot get out.  Stay safe everyone.  See you soon.

Deborah Bianchi Tracht, Esq. and Virginia Ortiz