What is an expert witness?  Why are they important?

An expert witness is someone who will come in and testify on your behalf, based on their expertise as to financial matters, therapeutic matters (some, but not all, due to privacy and protection), real estate, and a variety of other issues.

They are important because they give the judge an opportunity to hear from someone other than the two people who are engrossed in trying to destroy the other party.  It gives the judge a better perspective of what is really going on.

Many times, parties argue over attorney’s fees.  During some of those times, another attorney is called in to testify about the reasonableness of the fees, after review of the file.  This is something that our firm does as well.   In the event one side or the other believes there have been excessive fees charged, there is an expert who comes in and testifies, basically to assist the court.

Real estate appraisers are also very helpful in that they can come in and testify as to values and sales in the community, as other documentation may be inadmissible due to hearsay objections.

In other words, experts are helpful to the court.  These professionals charge a fee, but if it helps the court in ultimately making the right decision, it is priceless to the client.  Give your attorney as many tools as possible going into this matter.

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