Ok, so it has been a while since you’ve started dating again. Now you're in a relationship that you deem to be relatively serious. How and when do you introduce your children to this person?

If your child is in therapy, check with that professional first. If not, do a family type outing with the new person and the children. Take the children to a place where they can play and not be stuck on a one on one with the new person. A playground or park are good choices. Be sure to caution your new partner to be sensitive to your children’s needs.

Tell them not to go overboard in trying to become the replacement of the other parent. Also, if they have issues of their own, tell them not to share those issues with the children. For example, if the partner is a person who has been in recovery for alcoholism for several years, it is not necessary to share that information with the children. Use common sense. Be sure your new partner uses common sense too. It is not necessary to show outward expressions of love towards that person early in the relationship. This type of behavior could lead your children to resenting you and/or your new partner.

Above all, try to remember what it was like to be a child and try your best to be a good parent so that your child has a positive transition into your new life.

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