Mediation is a process and is a great tool in the litigation process.

Florida requires mediation prior to going into court.  It is always better to resolve your case yourselves rather than having a stranger (the Judge) who has thousands of other cases, hear your case and make a decision based, mostly on the law, but a lot on his/her discretion (their feeling).

Emotions run high during a family litigation matter.  Your attorney will help choose a mediator who will best suit the needs of your case.  This is almost important as the process itself!

Mediation costs money.  Usually both parties pay 50% of the mediator’s fee.  However, since over 90% of all cases settle at mediation, it is money well spent and is certainly much less expensive than going to trial which can costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Going to mediation with a “good faith” effort/attitude will result in the much-needed resolution of your case, during a very troubling time.  It is important to have representation as the mediator is not able to provide legal advice.

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