I want my children 100% of the time.  Can you do that for me?  My spouse is a jerk.  I don’t want him/her to have any time with the children.  What is the law?

The law is complicated, as you can imagine.  The courts in Florida tend to look at generous time sharing with both parents.  We do not refer to it as custody anymore.  So, unless your spouse is abusing the children somehow and/or is severely addicted to drugs or alcohol, the spouse is going to see the children regularly, so long as he/she does not pose a danger to the children.

We always caution clients to please love your children more than you hate your spouse, so that the children suffer as little as possible during such a turbulent time.   Otherwise, by placing your children in the middle, you are inadvertently contributing to the abuse of them.

We help to guide you to resources that will help you get through these times, as we know that children are the most important part (along with finances) regarding the separation of your family.

Next blog = child support.  Stay tuned!

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