You have a child and you are not married to the parent of that child.  You no longer have a relationship with the other parent.  Now what?

No matter which side of the fence you are on (Mom or Dad) remember, unless the other parent is dangerous, neglectful or addicted to alcohol or drugs, it is usually in the best interests of children to have two healthy parents in their lives.

Starting with that premise, a parenting plan needs to be worked out, as well as child support and the costs for medical issues and extracurricular activities, as well as summer camp, tutors, etc.  Let’s face it – children are a lot of work and they cost a lot of money!

Even if you and the other parent are getting along well now, it is always best to have a court order spelling out the rights of yourself and your child, just in case, down the road, others get involved and throw a wrench into the mix.  It happens all the time, so be careful.  Just protect yourself and your relationship with your child.  There is nothing more precious or important.

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