The Family Division in the 17th Judicial Circuit of Broward County has finally moved to the brand new, clean and beautiful courthouse located just west of the “old” courthouse. Everything is so nice at that location! We are very excited for this much-needed change in Broward County! Family law issues are stressful enough for people and being in that old, depressing Broward courthouse seemed to stress people out even more. The new building is a “green” building and has a fresh, pleasant feel to it, resulting in litigants having a better state of mind. Our family judges now preside over the courtroom in a raised “desk” and witnesses testify from a witness box, versus “in chambers” with a long table where upset litigants sit in close proximity to each other and to the judge.

There is more respect shown in the courtroom and I believe this configuration helps with that. All in all, this is a much-needed change and “face-lift” for Broward County. Lots of new things for 2017!!! New office/new courthouse – all good!

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