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5 Star Divorce Attorney Fort Lauderdale
Mrs. Tracht is the best! I came to her after dealing with an attorney previously who was dishonest and took advantage of me. I wish I had found her first. She is so well versed, professional and full of integrity. I feel safe and confident in my case for the first time in years. I cannot recommend this firm or Mrs. Tracht more highly!


Deborah handled my divorce, and was always there for me. Do I need to explain a divorce? They can get ugly, however Deborah made the experience more palatable than I could have imagined. I HIGHLY recommend her services.


Deborah Tracht was highly recommended to me by a well-known Forensic Accountant Team. Prior to the recommendation, I had a very negative experience with a former attorney I had retained for my divorce which cost me a lot of money leaving me with zero results at my preliminary hearing. Deborah was very responsive with my time sensitive case which at the critical time, was lost by my former attorney. Within minutes, she made it clear as to the shortfalls of my former attorney and the inability to meeting my needs in my divorce case. I found myself sitting across the desk of a true professional attorney, empathetic, great communicator, beautiful person inside and out. By the time I left her, I knew I had a true winner in my corner representing me. For the first time in many months, I felt confident and assured. Deborah’s personal touch allowed the pain of my divorce to soften. All of this ended with outstanding results. I highly recommend Deborah and her wonderful assistant Virginia for any legal challenges you may find yourself in. Deborah has great tenacity and focus that produces great results.

Patricia K.

My daughter was involved in a vicious custody fight and was close to loosing her son, due to what was a corrupt system on many levels at the time. We hired Deborah after firing a previous lawyer. Deborah fought everything the other side threw at her with professionalism and a determination to win and she was a support system to our family with her positive attitude. She was a light during a very dark time, and because of her my daughter never lost her son, and today he is a brilliant and thriving 8 yr. old.


Deborah knows family law like I know how to tie my shoes. She took my very messy case over after I screwed it up on my own and turned into a settlement that I never dreamed possible. Yes I said settlement that means NO TRIAL. Deborah knows the Broward county court system like the back of her hand. Judges, Magistrates, Opposing Counsel, Mediators, Forensic Accounting, etc. she has all the tools to get you what you deserve.

Yes this is a difficult time and she has compassion. Yes this is a frustrating time and she has a calming disposition that will cool a parking lot’s asphalt on a hot august summer in south Florida. Yes it is confusing to us but she knows what, when and how to do it all, just do yourself a favor and listen to her.

Finally she is TENACIOUS when she smells injustice. Be careful, she may tell you to shut up sometimes but listen to her its for your own good; it helped me a lot. Her office staff is AWESOME! and soon you feel like family. You will be interfacing with them most of the time and they are excellent communicators and pay attention to the most minuet details you never knew existed. Motions, pleadings, hearings, subpoenas, etc.. all filed in a timely fashion and communicated to the client without hesitation. The assistance I received from her staff getting my financials in order was like a gift from god. Someone always answers the phone and always greets you with a pleasant smile and kind word when you walk into the office. There were overlapping appointments and I was the only client in the office when we had appointments. Not once did I ever have to wait in the office to get down to business.

What else can I say – I’m the happiest I have been in 3 years and I owe it to Deborah and her family. If you would like to speak to me directly about my experience I will be more than happy to discuss over the phone. Just call her office and ask one of the family members to contact me for a referral and we will be in touch.

Michael K.

Deborah worked hard to insure I got a quick divorce and a fair settlement. She and her staff were available and willing to answer the many questions I had during this entire process. Very Professional & Compassionate.


Hired attorney

 Deborah isn’t a ruthless, heartless attorney. However she is highly experienced and is always armed with facts while leaving the other attorneys flat on their feet. This was one of the most emotionally charged experiences of my life. Deborah and her staff, always had time to pull me off the mountain top and get me centered, when the fears started caving in all around me. She showed my 9 year old little girl NOTHING but love and understanding through the year it took to fix the mess we had found ourselves in. To this day, though Deborah has had to get through some heart breaking issues in her own personal life. We still keep in touch. I nor my daughter will ever forget the kindness she showed us and the depth of professionalism she carried into our personal lives and into the court room… Deborah is always highly recommended by me.


What an outstanding, professional, and compassionate lawyer with such a dedicated staff. First class all the way and willing to fight for what is right! She went above and beyond her responsibilities and really worked her staff beyond normal business hours to handle my emergency child custody case which she successfully completed. She also succeeded to have me granted permanent custody once my divorce was finalized, and saved my baby from having to endure anymore hardships or abuse with her mom. Our client relationship did not end after my case was completed and she routinely checks on me and my daughter and has to this day been a great mentor legally. When I went to Fort Lauderdale I did not want a cut rate lawyer, I wanted the best! She was it,! You truly, truly get what you pay for and she and her beautiful staff were worth every single penny!


Deborah and her staff were very helpful and compassionate. She walked me through what i would need and what to expect. she advised what was in my best interest. I also went through a period where i thought my spouse and i would reconcile,. i never felt pressure from her to finalize the divorce. she allowed me to take my time. The whole process went smoothly. we ended up divorced, but she always respected my request to treat my husband kindly as this was a very amicable process. so much in fact, we are both going to have her draw up new wills.

Divorce Client

We used Mrs. Bianchi Tracht for a complicated divorce settlement that involved a large amount of assets and liabilities to be divided. Mrs. Tracht worked diligently to resolve this case through mediation but was unable to do so due to the lack of cooperation from the other party. The case took over two years, but Deborah and her excellent support staff never gave up. They were very professional, understanding and patient through the entire process. Deborah and staff came well prepared to litigate the case on the day of the trial. On the day of hearing Mrs. Tracht was able to work out a settlement with opposing counsel and avoid a two day trial. I feel the negotiations were successful due to Mrs. Tracht’s excellent skills and never give up attitude. I would highly recommend Deborah Bianchi Tracht and her “team” of professionals.

Divorce Client

I came to Deborah Bianchi Tracht’s office pregnant, alone and scared. I came to her on a timesharing matter after being abused by my son’s father and was terrified of what might happen to me and my children. I knew very little about family law, I only knew I couldn’t face this man or the court system alone. I went in looking for a lawyer, I now have an ally, a champion and most importantly a protector for myself and my 2 little sons. Deborah is not only a brilliant attorney, she is ethical, and above all kind. She has been and continues to be by my side through many a courtroom battles and not only do I feel safe – I know that she has my family’s best interest at heart. Deborah has been fighting relentlessly on my behalf and the outcome so far has been AMAZING. Her presence in the courtroom is undeniable and her knowledge of the law is impressive to say the least. Not only has the legal aspect of my fight been more than I could have hoped for but I have learned so much from her on a personal level. I can say that thanks to her I am no longer scared, instead I am a much more confident stronger, woman than I ever was. To anyone reading this – Mother, Father, Wife, Husband – going through ANY kind of family issue where you need representation, Deborah Bianchi Tracht is everything a lawyer SHOULD be and a RARE ROSE IN A PROFESSION FULL OF THORNS.


Mrs. Tracht is a truly outstanding attorney. She is one of a kind. I recommend her to anyone who is looking for a lawyer because she does above and beyond what’s necessary to give her clients and their family a sense of safety and peace of mind. I have complete faith in her ability to represent me and I encourage others to have faith in her when they hire her to represent them. She handles things with the up most professionalism and absolute understanding of the law.


It’s almost impossible to find an attorney that gets the job done but will not compromise to some extent when it requires doing the right thing, especially when it comes down to money. Deborah is a rare find in her field! She is skilled and more than qualified at what she does and as a bonus she is a decent and compassionate human being. In addition to handling my case and doing what she gets paid to do, she has gone above and beyond what’s necessary to give me and my children a sense of safety and peace of mind, which no amount of money can buy. I have complete faith in her ability to represent me, but what’s more, I know I’m dealing with a person of high moral standards and a heart of gold. If anyone is looking for an attorney that not only gets the job done but also remembers she is dealing with peoples’ lives and totally embraces and defends that, then look no further, Deborah Bianchi- Tracht is the attorney you need to handle your issue. I’m recommending that she be featured on this website. Attorneys everywhere can stand to learn a few things from her, and people looking for an attorney need to know more about her. I highly recommend her without hesitation. If you want excellent representation combined with genuine kindness and support, you’ve come to the right place.


I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Tracht for help with child support issues on two separate cases, it was the best decision I made retaining her. She handled things with the up most professionalism and absolute understanding of the law. Not only did I have full confidence in her ability to get me the desired outcome, but I also knew I had an advocate, someone to protect me, my rights and fight for me. Ms. Tracht is not only a skilled attorney who does her job very well; she’s also an extremely compassionate and caring person. She always made me feel like I was a priority and was available to listen and help me with any questions I had. Her office staff is wonderful too, forever accommodating and helpful. I always got my calls returned in a timely manner and never had to ask about the standing of things. She and her staff kept me constantly updated on the status of my cases. Her fees are also reasonable compared to most attorneys in her area of practice, but regardless of what she charges, she is WORTH EVERY PENNY! I highly and with total confidence recommend her to anyone who needs an attorney. She’s competent and fights for her clients, and she WINS!


Let me start by thanking Deborah and her team for a great work they have done. Before I visited Deborah for an initial consultation I was slightly hesitant, but after much thought I decided to meet her despite of her fees and her office being very far from my residence. I was awstruck by her pleasing personality and the care I sensed in her words, it was then I decided that noone but her I had to retain, and words cannot justify enough that it was the right decision I took.
Deborah has seen me go through the painful tears and has been there to guide me, and I know, she will always be a part of my life. I just LOVE her! 
If you have ended up at or Google review page looking for Ms. Deborah Bianchi Tracht, trust all the positive reviews. We all have been there, dealt with it all, but without Deborah it woud have been difficult. Retain her!! You will NOT regret!! For her, we are not just Client IDs’ rather humans with heart.


I had an incredibly complicated custody dispute that crossed international lines and Deborah was relentless at cutting through the nonsense and helping me regain full custody of my son. She never made false promises and always did exactly what she said she would do. I am still in awe of her courtroom demeanor. She is efficient and incredibly effective, I wasnt sure at first if I could afford representation of her caliber but I am so thankful I went with her because she has given me more than I thought a Father was allowed to hope for. Do not take a chance with a discount lawyer, nothing is more important that your child.


I was amazed at the overall presence of Deborah and her team. They were so professional and courteous. Always making themselves so available to answer questions to help through the process. Child custody is very emotional and anxious however the focus must always be the child and they do that. I am here to say that my mind was blown away! Deborah makes things happen that people tell you just do not happen in the family courts. Usual outcomes of custody cases are in favor of the mother but Im here to tell any man who never put the money out because he thought the odds were against him due to gender, those days are gone! Take a chance if you are a father who truly believes the best interest of your child is to be with you..Stand Up and let Deborah help you she is worth every bit and then some..She knows the law and the games people play to “win” custody for their own gain and she is well prepared for all of it!! Best Investment ever made and we were truly blessed with the results from mediation and we will be retaining her for our re-mediation when it comes around and we have every confidence she's going to devote the same efforts as before. Thank you Deborah and your staff for allowing me to quit paying these other attorneys who overpromised and undelivered and believing in our side and presenting the crucial evidence that gained us INTERSTATE joint custody on 9 month old baby girl. Don't think it could've gone any better. Looking forward to working with you and your staff again school year time!


Deborah and her staff go above and beyond their call of duty! I hired Deborah to handle my child support case over a year ago. As with all family law the process can be extremely emotional and in my case heartbreaking. I swear she felt my pain and in turn, her passion fired!! Her knowledge of the law is limitless, and she is a FIGHTER! I mean FIGHTER!!! I was up against a man who makes a lot of money and his entire attorney team. She was perfect!
I travel from WA state, and I cried when I left her my last trip. She made the law make sense to me so I understood my rights and I was able to make the right decision for myself and my daughters. She was just what I needed for my case, but mostly I feel blessed to have been able to get to know her and her AH-MAZING staff!


Almost speechless..Deborah and her staff are amazing! She never made a broken promise like a lot of other attorneys and just take your money..She is strategic, wise, personable and professional. Its no wonder her staff is so great..they must feel a sense of pride to be beside such a brilliant lawyer.

 Absolutely perfect, brilliant, caring, passionate, professional, and amazing staff!


When I first started looking for a lawyer I never imagined I would find someone so passionate and dedicated to providing me the absolute best service possible. I was shocked to see how much time and effort her staff gave to my case on a daily basis. Deborah and her staff are more than just a law office they are caring people who want to make a difference in peoples lives. As a man filing for divorce it seemed impossible for me to gain custody of my daughter. However, when the opportunity presented itself Deborah and her staff aggressively filed for emergency child custody. Amazingly, within three days of my phone call to Deborah my daughter was safe in my arms. During my entire divorce Deborah and her staff have felt more like a supportive family than a law office. Truly a law office full of beautiful caring professionals.


It is difficult to find an attorney in a post dissolution case, let alone a good one. Deborah is truly a one of a kind attorney who genuinely cares about her clients and won’t back down. My past experience with divorce attorneys jaded my view of the law; but Deborah has renewed my faith in the judicial system! Anyone who needs an advocate for their children or themselves will truly find one in Deborah Bianchi Tracht!


Deborah is a classy, professional and compassionate lawyer. Not many of these great lawyers exist anymore…I would HIGHLY recommend her to any parent fighting for the protection and well being of their child, especially with tough cases involving sexual abuse or harm done to a child. She has a good heart and I KNOW she really cares about my case. I have never doubted her and she is HONEST. Aside from her humane qualities, she is brilliant and knowledgeable with her cases. I admire her as an attorney and can assure you that she will work extremely hard for you!!

Family Law Client

Deborah is truly the legal flower in a field of substandard lawyers that turn out to be weeds in the family law bar in Broward County. I’m an attorney but not a family law lawyer. I am appalled at the lack of professionalism and honesty that OTHER family law lawyers exhibit…and their money hungry and over billing objectives. BUT NOT DEBORAH! I read all the other reviews and I totally agree that Debroah is the premiere family law attorney that I have come to know, trust, and recommend here in Broward County, Florida. She came highly recommended after I had bad experiences with unprofessionalism with two previous family law attorneys that ovbiously used their practice to extract unearned funds from people in their time of great need of advice. Debroah took on the remainder of my case and shot like a rocket into the battle on my behalf in my case. I can honestly state that Deborah has my highest recommendation as a fellow attorney and as her client. Thanks for taking care of me and my son Deborah!!


She was the most amazing person to work with and she really cared about me and my family, she was fair in her billing and always kept me informed. Thanks!!!


As per my request, the welfare of my daughter was her paramount concern. Through my entire divorce process, Debbie was always available and helpful above and beyond the call of duty.
Through the divorce, Debbie became a trusted and loved family friend. When my daughter needed a summer job, Debbie hired her and taught her to do legal research. Mary has been touched and inspired by Debbie and has chosen law as her career path. There is no fine endorsement to Mrs. Tracht than the incrdibly positive influence she has been to my daughter.
Any time I have a legal question or concern, Debbie is available and always willing to offer her expertise and knowledge.
I can not think of a finer attorney or human being than Deborah Bianchi Tracht.


Strong, Courageous, Brilliant & Passionate About Your Case!


Deborah is strong in character, honest, brilliant, innovative, and she will fight for what is right and good! In my incredibility difficult case with an extremely abusive ex and children involved, Deborah has worked diligently to make life a lot better for my children and myself. Deborah has stood by me through an excruciatingly difficult time caused by the ex, and fights against domestic violence and child abuse. Deborah is on top of things, keeps me informed, takes the time to explain things, and will share with me possible outcomes and what I can realistically expect. She can “work a court room” and in mediation, can get people to work together who would normally never work together. Deborah is classy, caring, organized, and a fabulous fighter all in one! I would highly recommend Deborah as an amazing Attorney who really looks out for your and your children’s best interests, as she has with mine!

Divorce Client

She will fight for what is fair.

 After been robbed by another attorney Deb and her staff welcome me into their family. She started working immediately in the best interest of my daughter. The process was kind of long, for me, but she was there and still there working very hard for what it’s fair. She is very up front and will tell you the good, the bad and the ugly, whether you like it or not. Not like other attorney’s. Her advice is based on experience and every time I followed her advice, not really what I wanted to do, everything worked out for the best interest of my child. She was and still in constant communication with me.She is there every time when I need her.She is fair and will follow the law to its very last extend.Her staff is great and will support you all the way through the process. Finally she is like family. Not to mentioned that she won my case!!!!!!

I trust DEB and recommend her 100%

Divorce Client

If there is one attorney who can change anyone’s mind of all preconceived notions or any bad experiences with attorneys, that would be Deborah Tracht. We have worked with several attorneys on the same issue in for years, and now that we have hired Deborah, it’s become obvious that they were all a waste of time, money, and emotions. Deborah is intelligent, knowledgeable and focused. When you have a meeting or a court appearance, yours is the only file she looking at. She is prepared and always professional. She is attentive and calm as a cucumber, even while opposing counsel is losing their cool. She is extremely communicative (which we loved), compassionate, and just a very decent human being. She welcomes you in and fights for you as if you are part of her family. Her sweet demeanor and humor may cause some to underestimate her, but she is a great legal strategist. For the first time, we were actually eager to go to court because we knew we were in good hands. We HIGHLY recommend Deborah. The difference between working with Deborah and all the past attorneys is immeasurable. This really difficult part of our lives would have been done a long time ago if only we had known about Deborah then.


Honest, dependable, I always knew what to expect.


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