Divorce Modifications

Situations change. Job considerations might make it necessary to move out of state, or a new job might change your income. Changes to your living situation or earnings can have important consequences for your children.

If you have experienced a substantial change in circumstances, divorce modifications of your decree or family court orders are needed to reflect your current situation. Proper planning can mean peace of mind.

Family law attorney Deborah Bianchi Tracht helps clients with modifying and enforcing family court orders having jurisdiction in Florida — including out-of-state and international parents with custody cases in Florida. She uses her many years of experience to clearly understand your situation and what needs to be done or revised. Contact us today at 954-776-2320 (24 hour availability) to schedule a FREE consultation to evaluate your legal needs.

Bringing Court Orders in Line With Changed Circumstances

At The Law Office of Deborah Bianchi Tracht, P.A., Pompano Beach divorce modification attorney Deborah Bianchi Tracht has extensive experience helping clients obtain modifications to child support, alimony and child custody and time sharing orders. We have helped hundreds of clients in various situations, such as:

  • A parent loses his or her job and is available to provide day care.
  • A new job opportunity prompts a parent to relocate.
  • An ex-spouse remarries and no longer needs alimony or spousal support.
  • An ex-spouse loses a job or takes a pay cut and may not be able to pay alimony.
  • A teenager reaches adulthood, making child support unnecessary.

Helping You Modify Child Custody, Visitation or Support

Florida courts follow a time-sharing model with regard to parental rights and obligations. Under this model, child custody orders (parental time sharing orders) must fully define parenting schedules, including where a child lives, the amount of time spent with each parent and the rights of parents to share in important decision-making. When significant changes arise, it is important to consider how the changes impact the existing order or agreement, and if a change is necessary in order to serve the best interests of the child.

In addition to providing experienced and compassionate guidance in custody modifications, attorney Deborah Bianchi Tracht also provides quality guidance in helping clients change child support or object to a change in child support. Child support modification cases are handled similar to initial child support matters — calculating support obligations based upon the changed financial situation and child support guidelines, and determining if a change is warranted.

Enforcing Your and Your Children’s Rights

When your ex-spouse or your child’s other parent refuses to pay child support or alimony, denies visitation or will not comply with a court order, Deborah Bianchi Tracht can help with enforcement of child custody orders. Ms. Tracht is a compassionate yet aggressive lawyer dedicated to standing up for clients’ rights and their children’s rights in cases involving child support enforcement, visitation enforcement and other family court order enforcement.

Our law firm works vigorously to hold people accountable for late alimony or child support payments by filing the proper contempt actions. Ms. Tracht knows how to develop compelling legal arguments, outlining trends and demonstrating non-compliance. She will fight to protect you and your children in a child support enforcement action.

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