High Net-Worth Divorce Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

When a divorce involves individuals with significant assets or high net worth, it is important to consult with a high net-worth divorce attorney who understands and appreciates the financial complexity of these cases. At The Law Office of Deborah Bianchi Tracht, P.A., we have the experience, knowledge and resources to handle high-asset and high net worth divorce efficiently and effectively. The resources include but are not limited to the availability of various highly trained experts, ie: Forensic Accountants, Business Valuators, Real Estate Professionals, Forensic Computer Technicians, Psychologists, Therapists, etc.. We understand the significance of getting things done the right way the first time.

An inaccurate property appraisal, investment assessment, business valuation or other property valuation can significantly impact the outcome of your divorce settlement or divorce judgment. It is critical that these issues are assessed correctly when proceeding with a high-asset or high net worth divorce.

In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, high net-worth divorce attorney Deborah Bianchi Tracht helps clients preserve what they are entitled to in divorce. We listen to, educate and guide clients through disputes involving:

high net worth divorce attorney business valuations

Determining the value of a closely held or family business is important whether the intention is for one party to the divorce to maintain the business or the business is to be sold or dissolved. We enlist forensic accountants and other specialists to ensure the accuracy of the business valuation and business division.

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high net worth divorce attorney high-rise office

Professional practices are valuable assets in divorce. Unfortunately, when divorce is not handled carefully and professionally, an individual’s professional practice can suffer. We work to protect professional practices from the pitfalls in divorce.

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high net worth divorce attorney retirement plans

We work hard to protect clients’ interests to investment and retirement accounts, including employee stock options, stocks and bonds, deferred compensation, 401(k) retirement plans, Roth, IRA rollovers and other retirement or investment accounts.

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high net worth divorce attorney investment property

Other Assets and Liabilities

Whether your marital property includes the marital home and investment rental property or it involves intellectual property rights or business interests, it is important that all financial issues are fully disclosed in your case, and that your lawyer is dedicated to preserving that to which you are entitled. We are experienced in cases involving discovering hidden assets in divorce and using that as leverage to gain a more favorable disposition.

Not only is our law firm committed to making sure you receive what you are entitled to, we are also dedicated to protecting your separate property interests — such as an inheritance that was intended only for you, assets brought into the marriage (and kept separate throughout the marriage) and any other separate property.

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Protect your rights, property interests and your future. Whether you need help finding hidden assets or need assistance with a business valuation in your divorce, contact us to discuss your high net worth divorce case with a compassionate and experienced Fort Lauderdale divorce litigation attorney. Contact us today at 954-776-2320 to schedule a FREE Consultation with Ms. Tracht. MasterCard and Visa credit cards are accepted.


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