Is your partner/spouse cheating?  Are they buying and selling drugs?  Are they using drugs and placing the children in dangerous situations?  All these questions and answers are very important for the court to know.  Unfortunately, many times it becomes a “he said/she said” situation in court.  The court needs evidence.  Even though testimony is evidence, conflicting testimony is sometimes difficult and nearly impossible for the court to decipher.  You are going to be able to testify as to the affair, the drugs, the dangerous situations, but guess what?  Your partner/spouse is going to deny all of it.  So, proof is a must.

This is where a private investigator becomes invaluable to your case.  Even though it becomes a bit expensive, this person can come into court and testify as to actual evidence that they have seen while having the other person under surveillance.  Now the court has an independent witness testifying and that is most helpful.

When dealing with serious issues like those listed above….issues that can ultimately destroy your life and the lives of your children, you cannot put a price on what must be done.  The hiring of a private investigator can help you get the result you want and the tools your attorney needs in court, to be successful!

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