January 17, 2019


“Help!  I need to move!”    We hear this all the time.  You have a new job opportunity in another State.  Can you relocate with your children?   It’s complicated.

You can move, of course, but whether or not your children can move with you is another story.  If you can get the other parent to agree, then it’s easy, but hey – life is never easy, is it?

If you don’t have an agreement, then we have factors in our statute that all have to be considered by a court in deciding whether or not you can move (relocate) with the children.  Take a look at them.  Fla. Stat. 61.13001.

Please visit our Child Custody Relocation page for more information.  If you still have questions, we’d love to talk so please Contact Us anytime.  We are here to help guide you.

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