Fort Lauderdale family lawyer

What Makes Us Different?

Selecting a family law firm to protect your legal interests and rights and help calm your stressful emotions is a time-consuming, costly, and generally a frustrating task for people under duress. Those seeking help and comfort are confused by the complexities of where to start, where to go, what exactly to do, and who they can put their trust in to resolve what could be the most important and painful decisions of their lives.

Contradictory to belief, all divorce attorneys and family law firms are NOT the same. Unless they are directly recommended and/or you have done thorough research, you really know very little about them and what they have to offer. The only commonality is that they all do have a license to practice law … not necessarily focused on family law, but all types of law.

As you read through the various sections of the website for The Law Office of Deborah Bianchi Tracht, P.A., you will be pleased and encouraged to see a dedicated and experienced family law attorney striving for the highest quality of standards. If you come to our office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, you will deal directly with an attorney who only practices family law and divorce.

As you evaluate your potential attorney options, you will find that the areas of representation are different; the areas of practice therein vary; levels of education, expertise, and competency are different; the personal touch, compassion, and comfort they offer is different; responsiveness is different; dedication and sensitivity involving children is different; commitment to and areas of client offered services are different; important affiliations and memberships are different; and of course, hourly fees and retainers are different. EACH one of these issues is important and each one by itself makes a difference in the successful outcome of your case, the calming of your emotions, and the speed in which the matter is brought to closure, allowing you and your family to move on with your lives.

Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer

Selected for membership into the ”Association of American Trial Attorneys: Top 100 Family Law Attorneys” professional organization for the State of Florida. Membership in this group is by invitation only and extended to the top 100 Family Trial Attorney professionals who exemplify superior qualifications & success. With these high standards, less than one percent (1%) of Attorney’s in the country have qualified for invitation.

Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer

Selected as a recipient and inducted into the Class of “100 Outstanding Women of Broward County“. This prestigious honor celebrates women in leadership roles in the business, community and philanthropic fields, and is sponsored and benefited by the Boys and Girls Clubs of Broward County, Florida.

Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyer

Selected for membership into “National Advocates: Top 100 Attorneys” professional organization for the state of Florida. Membership in this elite group is by invitation only and extended to 100 attorney professionals who exemplify superior qualifications, accomplishment, and leadership in their respective state based on uniformly applied criteria, and limited to those who focus their practices on Matrimonial and Family Law, and 5 other stipulated areas of law.

Family Law Attorney With More Than 20 Years of Experience

Lawyer Deborah Bianchi Tracht is a Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Law Mediator, Director and legal counsel for “A Child Is Missing” (a national organization for issuing Amber Alerts for missing children and elderly that, as of today, has registered more than 2,000 saved recoveries), and has 25 years of experience within the Guardian Ad Litem program. Ms. Tracht has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and took advanced courses in Psychology. She has a Juris Doctorate Degree in Law.

As an accomplished Leader within the community, lawyer Deborah Bianchi Tracht, was selected as a recipient and inducted into the 2013 Class of 100 Outstanding Women of Broward County, a prestigious honor celebrating women in leadership roles in the business, community, and philanthropic fields.

Ms. Tracht is a member of, and is affiliated with , numerous legal-related organizations within the community on county, state, and federal levels.

Ms. Tracht’s certified mediation skills and qualifications enable her to listen carefully to both parties and to negotiate a reasonable resolution for the emotional and financial betterment of all. In many instances, mediation results in lower legal costs. If children are involved, their needs and interests are always a priority and of utmost importance, and Ms. Tracht is able to utilize her experience and skill as a guardian ad litem to assist in this regard.

Ms. Tracht’s collaborative law training and experience allows her to skillfully negotiate, along with another collaborative attorney representing the opposing party, a reasonable settlement of all the issues between the parties, without the need for contentious and costly litigation.

The majority of people evaluating a potential family law and divorce firm focus greatly on three issues:

  • Hourly fees and retainers
  • Location
  • Recommendations/experience

These issues are significant, however, there are more prioritized concerns to consider.

What will the total legal fees be when the case is completed?
Will my family and I be happy and properly protected when it is over?

When it is all final, a lawyer charging less per hour may ultimately be considerably more expensive than one who charges more per hour. It is all about the total amount of hours it takes a lawyer to conclude your case. The lower-cost attorney may have limited expertise, limited negotiating skills, and limited motivation to control your costs. He or she may require 100 hours for completion (possibly without satisfaction), while the higher-cost lawyer with exemplary skills may get the same case completed in only 50 hours, with better results. It is not uncommon for clients to become extremely dissatisfied with their final results where they had hoped to save money by not hiring a knowledgeable and experienced Family Law and Divorce attorney or even “handled the matter themselves.” This is a factor which must be considered, when retaining an attorney.

Many seeking a divorce/family law attorney are under the impression that legal issues can be more readily resolved by selecting an attorney who is conveniently located to where they personally reside. The fact is, in this age of instant electronic communication and messaging, actual visits to an attorney’s office are often kept to a minimum. Driving some distance to retain a competent attorney who you feel very relaxed with and provides a comfort zone is well worth the occasional inconvenience of travel time. This is about improving your quality of life and protecting your future, not about the inconvenience of traveling time for infrequent office meetings.

The ONLY bargain is the attorney and firm that get the matter resolved to your emotional and financial satisfaction, to the betterment of all, and in a reasonable amount of time, regardless of their location.